Styling Fall Suits for Men that Achieve Effortless Elegance

Don't let fall colours and the cooler weather derail your style. Make styling fall suits for men effortless and get excited for days in the office (really!). Check out the fabrics, colours and tie pairings that refine your office attire this fall.
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Breathe in that crisp fall air. Carefree summer attire is in your rearview mirror, and days in the office are ahead. But don't let styling your fall suit make you uneasy. Sure, formal office attire presents its challenges. But styling fall suits for men can be effortless.

Account for the colour palettes that reflect the changing season while balancing comfort and professionalism. Here are the keys to looking sharp and polished for the office in your fall suit.

Choose the Right Fabric: It's Wool All the Way

The cold weather in fall and winter means you need a fabric that's thick and hardy. Save the fresco wool and linen for the summertime. Reach for one of these three fabrics when the leaves turn orange and the mercury drops.

Worsted Wool

It's a fall favourite for a reason. Worsted wool is a fabric that feels good to the touch, pleasing to the eye and versatile enough for a day in the office or the dancefloor of a fall wedding.


The raised and textured surface makes flannel soft to the touch. It also protects you from chilly winds. The heavier fabric provides excellent insulation as well as a fantastic drape. Find yourself a grey flannel suit and pay homage to Sean Connery's iconic look in Thunderball.

Another great fabric for fall suits for men is tweed. It's not as soft to the touch as worsted or flannel, but the uncombed yarns create a flexible and warm fabric. As charming as it is, it's better suited for a countryside wedding than a boardroom.

The Colours and Patterns that Elevate Fall Suits for Men

The ideal fall suit for men is warmer, darker, and offers more texture than your warm-weather suits. Choosing the right suit colour and pattern will make the difference between looking like a rough gem—or the most stylish man in the room.

Navy Blue, Grey, and Brown

Radiate timeless elegance and sophistication while complementing the autumn landscape in navy blue, medium grey and brown suits.

Exude confidence and professionalism in a navy blue suit while leading business meetings or attending formal events. Transition from the office to date night in a versatile medium grey worsted wool suit. The subtle tones of a grey flannel will also give you a refined look that will turn heads.

A brown suit's earthiness, warmth and comfort can help you embrace autumn with equal parts flair and finesse.

Plaid, Houndstooth and Herringbone

Celebrate autumn's bounty by wearing fall suits for men featuring plaid, houndstooth or herringbone. The intersecting horizontal and vertical bands on a plaid suit offer a subtle nod to the vibrance of fall. Houndstooth's broken checks bring a luxurious and timeless element to your fall wardrobe.

Add refinement and visual depth to your outfits through a herringbone-patterned suit. The one-of-a-kind pattern looks solid from afar but offers charming details up close. It's a favourite of James Bond—and we have a feeling you'll grow to love it too.

What Else Do You Need to Know About Looking Refined in Your Fall Suit?

The devil's in the details if you want to look great in your fall suit. Consider the number of buttons when choosing your suit jacket. Avoid 3-button suits and pick out a two-button jacket that gives you a broader, more athletic silhouette. It also draws more attention to your chest rather than your waist.

We can't stress fit enough. Test the length of the sleeves and the hem on your trousers. Too long, and you'll look like you're shrinking. Too short, and you look like a child wearing your dad's suit.

Feel how the jacket and trousers drape along your body. Sit, stand, reach and move around in the suit. It shouldn't feel too loose, and it shouldn't pinch. Your fall suit should move with you, not pull against you.

3 Tie Pairings that Add Polish to Your Fall Office Attire

Give Orange a Try with Your Navy Suit

Nothing says autumn better than orange. Embrace the fall colours and use a Burnt Orange Grenadine Tie to complement your navy blue suit. Give your fall office outfit an eye-catching element and take your fall suit from good to great.

Green and Grey Could Be Your New Favourite Pairing

A green tie and a grey suit work best when each element elevates the other. A medium grey suit with an understated Forest Green Grenadine Tie complement each other while featuring an alluring texture that makes you the most polished man in the room.

Look Refined in a Black Tie and Brown Suit

Don't let a black tie waste away on the bench while you wait on a formal event invitation. Pair a Black Grenadine Tie with a brown suit for the office this fall and collect jealous stares for your killer outfit.

If there's one piece of advice you must follow to style fall suits for men, it's to be confident. Stick to refined designs, natural materials, and a suit that fits, and you're set to raise the bar (and the temperature) in your office.

Elevate your fall suit style with refined essentials.