5 Office Outfits for Men to Keep You Cool and Confident

Your suit looks great. It's tailored and made of fine materials. But there's no way you're wearing it in the office during summer. Don't fret. We'll show you five office outfits for men that keep you cool and looking confident while delivering a killer presentation.
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Looking presentable for a client meeting can do a number on your nerves. You don't need the summer heat to complicate the situation. But there it is, nonetheless. The air conditioning should help you out. But your outfit choice can make you a sweaty mess or a polished gem. Aim to be the gem that you are. Consider these five office outfits for men that beat the heat every day of the week.

Monday: Suit Up for Summer!

Just because the temperature's high doesn't mean you can't dress to impress in a suit. But you have to be smart about it. Don't throw on the wool suit you wore in February. Follow these tips to feel fresh and stay cool in the office in a summer suit.

  • Wear an unlined jacket - You don't need the extra layers weighing you down and trapping heat. Wear an unlined or half-lined jacket to stay cool in the summer heat.
  • Choose the right materials - Linen and linen blends are your friends during the warm months. Keep an eye out for cotton too. Wearing the right suit materials can distinguish between feeling cool and being a sweaty mess.
  • Don't shy away from colour - Go with lighter versions of your tried and true suit colours. Bring a lightness to the office without sacrificing professionalism with a light grey or a French blue suit. And add a touch of colour by wearing a patterned dress shirt. Just remember to keep it subtle to stay stylish.

These tips are handy for our next set of office outfits for men: separates—or, as the Italians say, spezzato.

Tuesday: Take Your Style to Italy

Sometimes office outfits for men need a little flavour. Wear the jacket from one set with the trousers from another (or vice versa), and do as the Italians do. Spezzato (or separates) is a stylish strategy that creates different looks with the same pieces. Pairing the different elements is effortless when you have foundational pieces in classic colours.

Pair your blue jacket with grey trousers. Or a grey jacket with blue trousers. Remember to follow tips to stay effortlessly cool in a summer suit and consider the materials you wear. Add interesting textures and colours like Smooth White-Striped Blue Grenadine Tie to give your outfit a finishing touch that makes others say, "Bellissima."

Wednesday: Refine Your Dress Shirt and Dress Pants

Let's leave the jacket at home on Wednesday and wear a dress shirt and dress pants. This clean and crisp outfit is all business. Get work done and look good for meeting clients.

It may seem like a boring outfit, but you can refine it so you shine like a polished gem:

  • Nail the fit - Your shirt needs to fit right for your body. Move around in it to make sure it doesn't tug in the wrong places or have excess fabric.
  • Make sure your trousers are the right length - Avoid the sloppy mess from trousers that are too long. The fabric pooling around your shoes takes away from the clean look you want at the office.
  • Polish your shoes - Every piece matters when you don't have many elements to an outfit. Don't undermine your classic style with dirty shoes. Spend some time (and some elbow grease) to make your shoes shine as bright as your future.



Thursday: Smart, Casual, and Elevated

Crafting office outfits for men requires versatile pieces that make looking polished effortless. A knit polo is an absolute essential in every modern gentleman's wardrobe, not only for its looks but its versatility. You can wear a knit polo on a sunny weekend afternoon or a day at the office.

Pair a navy or grey knit polo with khaki chinos for a smart, casual, and professional look that's ready to take on what you have on your schedule. Choose neutral colours with your knit polo for the office to keep the piece versatile and professional.

Office Outfits for Men on Casual Friday

Casual Friday has arrived, and you want to look like a pro (but you're also ready for the weekend). Get your style game going with an Oxford shirt that feels soft and comfortable on your skin. Pick a shirt with an understated pattern to balance sophistication and personality. Walk through the office in your effortlessly cool outfit that leaves the right impression.

You're all set! With these office outfits for men, you'll stay cool and stylish all summer.

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Polish your summer style with refined essentials.