6 Business Casual Outfits for Men that Don't Play it Safe

Step out of the ordinary and embrace unconventional business casual style with these six men's outfits that break the mold. From mixing patterns and textures to incorporating unexpected colours.
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Creating an outfit for the office gets dull after a while. Everyone knows the same guidelines, so they play by the same rules. The guidelines for putting together business casual outfits for men involve: Wearing trousers (not jeans), collared shirts (not t-shirts) and saving sneakers for the weekend.

Guidelines are great, but you need to step outside the boundaries to be the most polished man in the room. Guidelines will tell you to nix the tie for business casual. We invite you to challenge that idea.

Think of your outfit as a whole. With the right elements around the right tie, you can create polished work attire that your officemates will admire.

Check out these six business casual outfits for men that shake up your Monday-to-Friday routine.

Suits with Lighter Colours and Less Formal Materials

6 Business Casual Outfits for Men that Don't Play it Safe Black Aklasu Grenadine Tie with Light Brown Suit

You can tweak the formality of a suit by wearing less formal colours like brown, light grey or light blue. Materials like cotton, linen or wool blends also tone down a suit's formality helping you fit in a casual business office.

When in Rome...

Blazer with blue trousers and light brown and blue grenadine block tie

You might not be in Rome, but you can do as the Italians do and wear separates (spezzato for Italians). Heat up business casual outfits for men by mixing and matching the jacket from one suit with the trousers from another (or vice versa). Experiment with different patterns and textures to spice up your 9-to-5 attire.

Add Depth and Dimension with Textures

Donegal and denim, with some wool, silk and flannel on the side.

Business casual outfits for men need to look professional for pitching to clients and leading meetings. But professionalism doesn't always mean a smooth sharkskin suit. Textures add depth and dimension to create an alluring look while staying professional. Combining different textures and materials shows an organized and confident person who knows their stuff.

Business Casual Outfits for Men with Layers

Light grey blazer with blue vest and trousers paired with brown tie.

Layering is a skill every modern gentleman should practice. It helps you look damn good while keeping you warm. Use thin layers like a merino cardigan as a mid-layer over your dress shirt and underneath your blazer. The fine material on your cardigan ensures you won't look bulky.

No Jacket? No worries.

Suitsupply dark grey cardigan

A thin cardigan over a dress shirt and tie are ideal for layering. But if you leave the blazer at home, you can opt for a thicker wool cardigan. Leave it buttoned up in the morning for an organized and stylish look. And open it up as your day comes to a relaxing end.

A Sweater Every Man Should Own: The Versatile V-Neck

Blazer with v-neck

No, a smart or business casual outfit for men doesn't need a blazer. But stylish office attire needs a piece that looks great in a layered outfit or on its own. That's where the v-neck sweater steps in. Wear it with a dress shirt and tie or with a blazer. No matter how you wear it, get a v-neck sweater in neutral colours made of high-quality material, and you'll always look refined.

Blue tie and Blazer with grey trousers

Wearing a tie with a business casual dress code may sound risky. But it has its rewards. When you wear a tie you become recognizable and memorable. No one will mistake you for someone else.

Assembling a refined outfit for the office also shows how you pay attention to detail. And you're willing to go the extra mile in all facets of your life. Whether you're a junior, a manager, or a partner, that's something everyone will admire.

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