Refining Spring Suits for Men so You're in Full Bloom

Embrace the essence of springtime elegance with our guide on refining spring suits for men. Discover how to infuse your wardrobe with fresh and vibrant colors, lightweight fabrics, and refined tailoring to truly bloom in style.
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Spring can set quite the scene. After the long winter, the sight of cherry blossoms in full bloom can reinvigorate the soul. As nature shakes winter off with vibrant colours, you can do the same with your wardrobe. Styling spring suits for men takes a subtle touch. You want to brighten up with the season but don't want to go full-blown summer cocktails on the beach.

Avoid looking drab and lacklustre this spring—and make it effortless. Distill your choices down a select few. Refine your spring suit style with the suit fabrics and colours, and tie pairings that make you the most polished man in the room.

Let's start by reviewing an essential element of spring suits for men: the fabric.

Suit-able Fabrics for Spring

Refining Spring Suits for Men so You're in Full Bloom - David Gandy
David Gandy

Spring weather gets finicky as you round the corner from winter weather. You could see cold winds (or even hail) in the morning but sunshine and warmth in the afternoon.

Spring suits for men can come in several types of fabrics. Fresco wool is a dense and durable fabric that's lightweight and breathable. The luxurious material encourages air circulation thanks to its loose open weave. Go fresco, and you'll stay at the right temperature no matter what mother nature decides. 

Put on a linen suit for later in spring when you feel the summer sun nibbling on your neck. You'll love linen's lightweight and breathable nature when you want to keep cool for a spring wedding or afternoon cocktails on a patio.

Spring Suits for Men: The Essential Colours

Now that you know the fabrics to look out for, let's talk about the versatile colours that make your mornings effortless. Breathe life into your spring suit style with lighter shades of timeless colours.

A mid-grey suit will bring levity to your outfits and add an element of refinement, whether you're leading a meeting in the office or ripping up the dancefloor at a wedding.

Refining Spring Suits for Men so You're in Full Bloom - Proper Cloth

Light blue is an equally versatile colour that brings polish to spring suits for men. With grey and blue in your spring suit arsenal, you have a formidable one-two punch that keeps you cool and stylish from the boardroom to the bar.

Refining Spring Suits for Men so You're in Full Bloom - Suitsupply

Once you lock down suit fabrics and colours, you can find ways to take it up a notch. Find out more ways to elevate your spring suit style. Choose a fitting dress shirt. And discover patterns that make looking polished in spring effortless. Read Hit Refresh! Tips to Make Men's Spring Suits Jump Another Level.

Tie Pairings that Complete Your Fresh Spring Look

Refining Spring Suits for Men so You're in Full Bloom - Daniel Craig James Bond
James Bond - 007

With your essential spring suit made of wool or linen in light blue or grey sorted, it's time to complete your look. An open collar looks more relaxed and laissez-faire, but you need the right accessories for an outfit that makes you the most polished man in the room.

A classic white pocket square in a TV fold works, but we prefer to take advantage of menswear's most beautiful focal point. There's an elegance to the intersection of jacket, shirt and tie. And we want all of that good stuff for ourselves.

Check out these suit and tie pairings you'll want to reach for all spring long.

Go Green: A Grey Suit and Olive Green Tie

Refining Spring Suits for Men so You're in Full Bloom - Grey Suit with Olive Grenadine Tie

Olive green's warmth and earthiness make it fit right in for spring. Its versatility makes it pair well with navy blue or brown in the fall or a mid-grey in the spring. Long story short: grab an olive green grenadine tie, and you'll look sharp all year.

Alluring Tie Patterns for Your Light Grey Suit 

Refining Spring Suits for Men so You're in Full Bloom - Light Grey Suit with Striped Blue Grenadine Tie

Remember to always dress so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You don't want one element (like your tie) to steal the show. You want your date and colleagues to pay attention to you—not an ostentatious tie that's screaming for attention. 

When pairing a patterned tie with your grey suit, choose an understated design like the Light Blue and White Striped Grenadine Tie (above) or the Blue Diamond Dotted Six-Fold Silk Tie (below).

Blue Diamond Dotted Six-Fold Silk Tie

Tie Pairings for Light Blue Spring Suits for Men

Refining Spring Suits for Men so You're in Full Bloom - Lapo Elkann in Light Blue Suit and Blue Tie
The Wall Street Journal

We suggest following similar principles when pairing a tie with your light blue spring suit. When you have a fine-fitting light blue linen suit, you don't want to muddy it up with a garish tie. Keep it simple.

Harness the visual prowess of a grenadine tie's subtle (and one-of-a-kind) texture. Reach for a tried and true Navy Grenadine Tie to create a beautiful and classic contrast. Or add a splash of joie de vivre with the bright hue of a French Blue grenadine.

Refining spring suits for men takes discipline and what the Japanese call kanso—the elimination of non-essentials. Once you master assembling the right spring suit materials, colours and tie pairings, your spring days will bloom with stylish outfits that look effortless (because they were).

Refined essentials that add a spring to your step.

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