Hit Refresh: Ways to Get Your Spring Suit Style Where It Should Be

Winter’s finally behind us. Spring's here, so get ready to hit the refresh button and bring some brightness back to your suit style. Keep reading to get your spring suit style where it needs to be.

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Some days it feels like winter will never end. You can't wait to leave the dark colours and layers behind for a lighter spring suit. But when spring's warmth finally arrives, you can get too excited. You over-do the colours, patterns, and accessories. It's like winter made us forget how to elegantly dress.

As the days get longer and the flowers start to bloom, let's take some time to remind ourselves how to bring excitement and sophistication to our spring suit style.

Let's talk fabrics, colours, patterns and accessories to elevate your spring suit style where it needs to be.

The Right Fabrics to Keep You Light and Fresh

Senszio Linen

You have a lot of options for suit fabric. Stay cooler in the spring by wearing a linen suit. Although it can wrinkle on you, it's lightweight and breathable. A linen suit is perfect for an outdoor spring wedding that's hot and humid. You can still wear linen if you want to stay cool in the office. But look for linen blended with wool or cotton.

Or you can go with a full cotton suit. It's not as luxurious as wool, but it's breathable, and you can worry less about wrinkles.

For a luxurious spring suit that keeps you at the right temperature, look no further than fresco wool. This dense and durable fabric is also lightweight and breathable, thanks to its loose open weave. It wicks away sweat and allows air circulation so you won't get caught sweating in any meeting.

If you're looking for a casual spring suit, keep your eye out for seersucker. The breathable fabric's puckering and crinkled nature eliminate it from use in the office. But it looks great for casual events.

The Colours and Patterns to Welcome the Bright Weather

Senszio Glen Check

Seersucker brings some personality, but if you're looking for colours to liven up your spring suit game, consider light blues, and light greys.

If you're feeling bold, colours like green and burgundy work well too. But wear solid coloured burgundy and green suits. Adding patterns to bold colours can be too much and make you look unsophisticated.

Feel free to experiment with patterns in less bold colours. A Glen check grey suit gives the classic grey some added visual interest that's great for springtime. A striped French blue suit injects personality that's a breath of fresh air after a dreary winter.

Patterns like windowpane can also help you work in dark yet classic colours like navy. The patterns break up large areas of the dark colour to give you a lighter appearance.

With your suit on point, it's time to pick a dress shirt.

Choose the Right Dress Shirts to Suit Your Day

It's tempting to use pastel colours like light pink or even pale green. What better way to ring in the spring, right? Well, it depends. Pastel shirts work great in casual environments, but you have to watch out in more formal settings, like the office.

Reach for a timeless white or sky blue dress shirt that fits in different settings. These classic pieces pair well with a suit that has patterns and without.

Of course, if you're wearing a solid coloured suit, it's a great idea to wear a patterned dress shirt to add dimension to your outfit. A gingham or striped shirt with a light grey suit livens up your outfit. It allows you to add some visual interest without overpowering your overall appearance.

The Cherry on Top: Accessories to Wear with Your Spring Suit

You can also add visual interest through the accessories you wear. But like your suit and dress shirt, you need to coordinate the accessories to create a visually pleasing look.

If you decide to wear a solid spring suit like light grey and a light blue gingham shirt, you'll want a solid coloured tie that stands out against the shirt and complements the suit. Here's where a French blue grenadine tie comes in handy. The blue complements the grey in the suit, while the hue's brightness gives you a lively element that stands up to the patterned shirt.

You can wear a patterned tie when you have a patterned suit and a solid shirt. With a subtle suit pattern, choose a tie with an understated patterned design.

This Micro Dotted Grey Six-Fold Silk Tie would look great when paired with a crisp white shirt and a grey Glen check suit. And this Smooth White Striped Blue Grenadine Tie will complement a striped blue suit nicely.

Other than ties, a pocket square with a fresh floral pattern can give your outfit an eye-catching element. Just remember to keep the designs on your accessories subtle. Nothing is worse than assembling a classic and timeless outfit around a spring suit and getting it torpedoed by a loud statement piece that hogs all the attention.

Spring is a time of renewal. It's time to bring freshness back into your wardrobe. Putting together your spring suit ensemble takes restraint. But you've got it in you.

Enjoy the sunshine. Stop to smell the roses. Before you know it, summer's around the corner.

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