Back in Business: How to Repair a Grenadine Tie

It takes the wind out of you, but snags happen when you wear a grenadine tie. The good news is you don't have to say goodbye to it because of a little pull. Learn how to repair a grenadine tie, so it's good as new. It's easy. You'll get your beloved grenadine tie back in the rotation with just a needle and thread.
Image CreditBack in Business: How to Repair a Grenadine Tie

Your shoulders slump when you see it. You don't know how it happened, but your grenadine tie has an unsightly pull. It happens, but it's not the end of the world. Your first instinct may be to cut it. DON'T. Stick around, and we'll show you how to repair a grenadine tie.

How to Repair a Grenadine Tie, so It's Good As New

Repairing a pull or a snag in your grenadine tie doesn't take a lot of tools. But it does take patience, plus some trial and error. Your goal in repairing the grenadine tie is to weave the silk back into the fabric. Here's what you need:

  • A sewing needle
  • Normal thread (similar to what you would use to sew a button back on)

Now here's what you need to do:

  1. Thread the needle.
  2. Stick the needle's point through the pull and into the silk fabric.
  3. Slide the needle between the layers of fabric for at least double the length of the pull.
  4. Stick the needle back out through the top layer of fabric and pull the thread clear to hide the pull between the layers of fabric.

Try to get the needle and thread through the same hole in the weave. You want to use friction from the thread to pull the grenadine to the back of the fabric until you can't see it anymore.

It might take a few tries but keep at it. Try a bigger needle for a looser weave. Experiment with the speed with which you pull the needle and thread. One way may create more friction and catch the grenadine weave better.

You hope never to have to use it, but knowing how to repair your grenadine tie is a handy skill that can rescue your investment and help you look polished for years to come.

Speaking of looking polished, an immaculate grenadine tie is the start of a refined outfit. Next comes choosing the best knot for your grenadine tie.

The Best Knot for Your Grenadine Tie

Large knots don't suit the classic refinement of a grenadine tie. Complement the grenadine's understated and unique texture with a subtle yet playful Four-in-Hand knot.

It's our go-to knot because of its simplicity and asymmetry. The Four-in-Hand is easy to tie and offers a certain je nais se quois.

It's easy to tie without looking simple. Its classic and slender appearance adds long, clean lines to your outfit. And it's versatile enough to wear for a day in the office and then to the bar for happy hour.

More importantly, the Four-in-Hand complements your outfit and makes your grenadine tie part of the whole. It creates balanced proportions and even features an elegant little dimple that adds a secret sauce to your outfits.

Learning how to repair a grenadine tie and the best way to tie it will help you get the most out of your tie. Now we want to share some inspiration to take your style to another level.

You Repaired Your Grenadine. Here's How You Can Wear It.

James Bond's Iconic Look in Navy Grenadine

Sean Connery's James Bond didn't invent the grey suit and a navy grenadine pairing. But damn, has it become the gold standard. Find yourself a fine-fitting grey suit. Go with a herringbone to give your suit dimension and texture (and to really go after the look in You Only Live Twice).

Cary Grant's Grey Grenadine Tie

James Bond isn't the only style icon connected with grenadine ties. Cary Grant's grey grenadine and ventless grey suit in North by Northwest still inspire men's style today. Whether or not you're eluding a crop duster (hopefully not), you can complete your Cary Grant-inspired ensemble with an exquisite grey grenadine tie.

Rich and Luxurious: A Navy Suit with a Burgundy Grenadine Tie

The right tie can unleash a classic suit like navy blue. A luxurious burgundy grenadine tie with its dark shade of mulled wine offers a polished element that elevates your style and confidence for a meeting or grabbing drinks with someone special.

Your New Favourite Pairing: A Grey Suit and a Green Grenadine

It's not a classic like navy blue and grey, but pairing a green grenadine tie with your grey suit can become your new favourite pairing. Radiate refinement with the grenadine's subtle texture and understated shade like forest green. For some variety, subtle shades like olive or sage green add a hint of freshness to your outfits.

Wearing a Striped Grenadine Tie

A striped grenadine tie with any suit adds a stylish element to your outfits. Wednesdays will feel less like hump day when you punch it up with a stellar striped grenadine tie like Aklasu's Light Brown and French Blue Block Striped Grenadine.

Flex your sartorial skills and wear them with your striped suit and shirt. But remember: don't wear two elements with stripes that go in the same direction and don't wear two elements with stripes that are the same width and distance apart.

Alright, now you've got the goods. You know how to repair a grenadine tie and the best ways to wear it. Go out, stretch your legs, and be the most polished man in the room.

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