Houndstooth Ties to Make You Look Sharp for the Corner Office

Houndstooth ties add luxury and elegance to your wardrobe. Lean in and take a close look at these ties that exude a quiet confidence to make you the sharpest man in the room.

Image CreditAklasu

You can't help but look when you see it. A houndstooth pattern’s broken checks create an eye-catching pattern that commands attention. Expect a few glances in your direction when you wear the pattern—especially if you wear houndstooth ties. It's a pattern that radiates elegance for a day in the office or an evening sipping cocktails.

The uneven outline of a hound dog's tooth may sound like an odd source of style inspiration, but who are we to argue with fashion royalty like Coco Chanel and Christian Dior?

Add the element of iconic style when you attend formal events or just want to bring a touch of refinement to the office. Take a close look at these houndstooth ties. (Don't worry, they don't bite.)

Green and Navy Houndstooth Six-Fold Tie

Aklasu Green and Navy Houndstooth Six-Fold Tie worn with a blue shirt and grey suit.

You've likely seen the houndstooth pattern with white for the lighter checks and black for the contrasting dark ones. But Aklasu's houndstooth tie wasn't made for the Scottish highlands. It's made for the corner office.

The confident and tasteful pairing of green and navy blue come together in Aklasu's Green and Navy Houndstooth Six-Fold Tie. The houndstooth pattern's artistic detail perfectly balances understatement and opulence.

Aklasu Green and Navy Houndstooth Six-Fold Tie worn with a blue shirt and grey suit.

The six-fold tie is 100% woven silk from Como, Italy. It's hand-sewn to give you a superior knot and impeccable drape. It's a delicate (yet durable) houndstooth tie you can wear on your first day at work until you get promoted to the corner office.

Wear it with a medium grey or navy suit and a crisp white dress shirt for a look that's put together, refined, and ready to close the big deal.

Burgundy and Navy Houndstooth Six-Fold Tie

Burgundy and Navy Houndstooth Six-Fold Silk Tie

Burgundy and navy blue make a spicy combination any day. The dynamic duo springs into action in this striking houndstooth tie. Aklasu's Burgundy and Navy Houndstooth Tie’s six-fold construction says luxury.

You'll love creating beautiful knots thanks to quality raw materials and expert craftsmanship. Walk into the meeting room confidently, knowing your tie's draping perfectly.

These houndstooth ties have colour combinations that make suit pairing effortless. But keep reading for more pairing advice that can take you from a cubicle to the corner office.

Styling Houndstooth Ties for the Corner Office

Whether you're in the corner office or have an eye on it, you must dress the part. Houndstooth ties deliver the correct dose of luxury and sophistication. But you need to know how to style it.

Avoid large knots that overwork the silk and draw attention away from the houndstooth pattern.

Keep it classic and simple with a four-in-hand knot. The four-in-hand knot offers eye-catching asymmetry and a slender look that radiates refinement. And, of course, it creates a charming dimple that adds an extra detail of sophistication.

Burgundy and Navy Houndstooth Six-Fold Silk Tie Four In Hand Knot

There's elegance in simplicity, so we suggest pairing the houndstooth tie with a white dress shirt and a solid navy or grey suit. You can experiment with patterns on your shirt or suit, but remember to consider your overall outfit. Each piece must complement the other so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Prepare for jealous stares when you wear houndstooth ties. And get ready to climb the ladder when you wear an Aklasu six-fold. The killer knots and perfect drape give you the look of someone who deserves to be at the top.

Houndstooth ties to elevate you to the corner office.