5 Men's Summer Outfits Inspired by Style Icons

Don't get caught looking stale this summer. You can do better than a t-shirt and shorts. Get inspired by men's summer outfits with the stamp of approval from style icons like Steve McQueen and George Clooney. Keep reading to have an iconic (and stylish) summer.

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The rising mercury brings days at the beach, barbecues, and drinks on the patio. On paper, dressing for summer days seems simple. But men's summer outfits that keep you cool and looking good can be as rare as a short line at your favourite gelato spot.

Thankfully, some style icons have paved the way for us. Why get stuck in a t-shirt and shorts all summer when you can have iconic summer style like McQueen or Clooney?

Make these iconic men's summer outfits your go-to getups, and you'll avoid falling into the summer-style rut.

Steve McQueen's Cool and Casual Summer Look

You know the badass black turtleneck from Bullitt and the immaculate blue suit from The Thomas Crown Affair. But it's his style off-screen that will inspire us for summer.

Relax in khaki chinos and a plain white tee for an effortless summer outfit. Or you can dress up the chinos with a polo for an elevated look that's great for drinking espressos and enjoying life in the square. Grab some Persols for an unmistakable homage to the Cooler King.

James Bond on the Beach

Yes, James Bond is a fictional character. But that doesn't make the character less of a style icon. 007 has inspired generations with his bespoke suits and timeless style.

However, you can't overlook his choice in men's summer outfits. Look refined as you emerge from the water in Bond's navy blue swim trunks in No Time to Die.

Throw your catch on the grill and lose the grungy white t-shirt that's seen better days. Put on Sean Connery's pink linen camp shirt from Thunderball instead. You'll look like a polished pearl while sipping on mojitos in the classic linen shirt that's cool, breathable and stylish.

Vote Effortless Elegance for Men's Summer Outfits

We're familiar with John F. Kennedy's exquisite two-button suits in tasteful dark shades. But JFK's effortless elegance extends outside the oval office.

While piloting a boat or splashing on the beach with the kids, his summer attire reflected a timeless and understated style. Whether he wore khaki chinos and a grey crewneck around Hyannis Port or a white Oxford shirt with shorts, JFK always carried an air of sophistication and confidence.

JFK's signature tortoiseshell sunglasses helped, but holding the most powerful office in the country didn't hurt either.

Summer Suiting like George Clooney

Light colours and the right materials make you shine in a summer suit. But how you put all the pieces count the most. Classic neutral-coloured pieces and high-quality clothes that fit your unique body will help you master timeless style.

George Clooney has become a template for timeless style. No one element outshines another. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Look to Clooney's suit style for inspiration, and you'll walk into every room radiating sprezzatura.

Strive for Paul Newman’s Rugged Refinement

Paul Newman's characters often reflected the style of the everyman. But his style away from the camera had more refinement. Light chinos with loafers and cloth dress shirts with rolled sleeves added lightness to an otherwise stuffy outfit.

Newman was no stranger to eye-catching but sophisticated patterns that gave him a cool, laid-back summer look. His summer outfit featuring a Breton shirt and chinos can be your staple. Find a pair of aviator sunglasses, and you'll have an iconic look that will never give you a failure to communicate.

You'll never get stuck in a summer style rut when you stand on the shoulders of icons. Summer's waiting, so grab a cold beverage and enjoy your time under the sun!

Create your iconic looks with refined essentials.