Summer Ties that Radiate Confidence

We can't wait for the beach, BBQs and fun in the sun, either. But you can't forget about the summer weddings and parties where you'll want a tie to elevate your style. Check out the summer ties that make others take notice when you walk into the room.

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The heat can throw a wrench into your stylish summer outfits. Yes, an open collar is acceptable at an outdoor summer wedding. But every other guy will have the same idea. Don't get lost in a sea of open collars. Sophisticated summer ties give you a chance to look better than the rest.

Nail your summer suit, then grab an exquisite tie to look cooler than your cocktail. Here are nine summer ties that refine your style for business meetings, weddings, and upscale parties.

Solid Grenadine Ties with a Certain Je Nais Se Quois

Every modern gentleman should have a grenadine tie (or four) in their arsenal. Their one-of-a-kind texture adds an alluring element to any outfit. These solid grenadines offer an understated charm while adding a dash of colour to your summer outfits.

 French Blue Grenadine Tie

French Blue Grenadine Tie paired with a Navy Blue Jacket

The French Blue Grenadine Tie emanates a bright confidence, perfect for a beach wedding. Wear it with a light blue linen suit and shirt for a striking monochromatic look that's sure to stand out from the crowd.

 Sky Blue Grenadine Tie

Aklasu Sky Blue Grenadine Tie worn with a white shirt and grey suit.

Complement your summer suit with a Sky Blue Grenadine Tie. The soft powdery blue gives a light airiness to your outfits for summer events or meetings with clients in the office.

 Purple Grenadine Tie

Aklasu Purple Grenadine Tie worn with a white shirt and dark bluesuit.

The Purple Grenadine Tie is a bold and regal choice that adds sophistication to your summer suits. Yes, it's bold. But ostentatious? Not at all. The understated tone means you can wear it with a suit to the office and then to drinks on the patio after work.

Splash on the Visual Appeal with Striped Summer Ties 

Without a doubt, wearing patterns like stripes adds a striking visual element to your outfit. These understated striped ties don't just add a wow factor; they bring a sophisticated feature that makes looking polished effortless.

 White Striped Metallic Gold Six-Fold Tie

Aklasu White Striped Metallic Gold Six-Fold Silk Tie worn with a white shirt and grey suit.

Channel your inner Jay Gatsby and put on a White Striped Metallic Gold Six-Fold Silk Tie. Pair it with a cream suit, and the thin white stripes set in a field of rich gold will make you fit right in at extravagant parties in West Egg.

 White Striped Deep Blue Six-Fold Tie

Aklasu White Striped Deep Blue Six-Fold hanging in a wooden cabinet.

The striking stripes on the White Striped Deep Blue Six-Fold Tie will refine your style wherever you go this summer. Pair it with a light blue summer suit for a classic and timeless outfit that's ready to go from a garden party to drinks on a rooftop patio. 

Navy Blue and Grey Striped Mustard Yellow Tie

Aklasu Navy Blue and Grey Striped Mustard Yellow worn with a white shirt and brown suit.

The playful and bold Navy Blue and Grey Striped Mustard Yellow Tie will look great for formal summer events. But it can also give you an air of confidence for a day in the office.

Elegant Patterns that Exude Sprezzatura

Face the world with quiet confidence, or sprezzatura, as the Italians call it, and you won't just look good‚ÄĒyou'll look great. Glide into the room with confidence at all your summer events with these elegant patterned ties.

 Blue Diamond Dotted Six-Fold Silk Tie

Aklasu Blue Diamond Dotted Six-Fold Tie.

We love animals. We just don't believe they belong on ties. We prefer understated designs like the Blue Diamond Dotted Six-Fold Silk Tie. The intricate (and eye-catching) white dots and diamonds on a blue background will make it your go-to summer tie for weddings or the office.

 Red Floral Grenadine Tie

Aklasu Red Floral Grenadine Tie

Playful patterns like the Red Floral Grenadine Tie bring fun and sophistication to your summer outfits. Use the bold red and powder blue petals to complement a light blue linen suit, and you'll be dressed to impress wherever your day takes you.

 Black & White Glen Plaid Tie

Aklasu Black and White Glen Plaid Tie worn with a white shirt and blue suit.

Yes, a glen plaid tie whispers, "Wear me to a wedding." But don't box it in. Designs like Aklasu's Black & White Glen Plaid Tie makes a great summer tie. Pair it with a light grey or light blue suit, and you'll catch others stealing glances.

Having a cold one by the grill and relaxing on the beach are essential to your summer. But don't overlook weddings, meetings, and upscale parties where you'll want be the most polished man in the room.

Cheers to you for looking polished and making it effortless!