Summer Fabrics for Men that Beat the Heat in Style

The heat can melt away your timeless summer style. Don't let it. Stay cool in the summer fabrics for men that make you comfortable (and looking polished) from a day at the office to an evening of celebration.
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"It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world when you're melting in the heat." – Dolly Parton

How right you are, Dolly! As the mercury rises, men face the perennial challenge of staying cool while looking stylish. Have you ever felt like you were looking refined and polished when leaving home, only to feel melted upon arrival? Then, you can relate to how Dolly felt.

Summer brings the daunting task of maintaining comfort without sacrificing a polished appearance, making the choice of fabric a crucial element of your seasonal wardrobe. Natural fibres stand out as the heroes in this scenario, providing breathability, lightness, and a touch of elegance that synthetic materials struggle to match. In this guide, we'll explore the essential summer fabrics for men who want to stay comfortably chic throughout the hottest months.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Summer Fabrics


Choosing the right summer fabrics for men is more than a matter of looking good in your summer suit; it's a strategic decision for comfort and style. By selecting natural, lightweight materials, you can avoid the discomfort associated with hotter days. With Aklasu's carefully selected summer fabrics for men, making polish effortless becomes a tangible reality, ensuring that you look as good as you feel, even under the sun.

Cotton: Breathe in Comfort and with Class


Known for its breathability and lightness, cotton remains a staple in the modern gentleman's summer wardrobe. It allows for excellent air circulation, which helps reduce sweat buildup and keep the body cool. Its adaptability means it can be styled for formal business meetings and laid-back weekend outings, providing a seamless blend of comfort and class.

Linen: Stay Dry and Feel Comfortable


I was having dinner at a rather upscale establishment when I overheard a conversation at the next table. To be clear, I wasn't eavesdropping… ok yes, I was… in any case, one of the men apologized for his overheated appearance. He jokingly said, "I don't sweat; I sparkle. He then asked the other man how he always looked so fresh. Now, at this point, my ears perked up. I wanted to hear the answer. The man replied, "Linen baby. Linen!"

Indeed, linen is quintessential when considering summer fabrics for men, celebrated for its exceptional coolness and quick-drying characteristics. Thinner than cotton and naturally high in moisture-wicking properties, linen suits and shirts help you stay dry and comfortable as temperatures rise.

Seersucker: Stand Out (and Keep Cool)


Distinctive for its puckered texture, seersucker is another summer favourite. This material is a carryover from your fresh spring style that became popular among the British in India. The crinkled structure creates small air pockets that boost air circulation, dramatically enhancing its cooling properties. Typically made from cotton or cotton blends, seersucker fabric doesn't cling to the skin, a boon in humid conditions.

Silk: Smooth and Sophisticated


Although often associated with luxury and formal wear, silk is also a viable choice when considering summer fabrics for men due to its softness and lightweight nature. Silk absorbs moisture, which can help in heat regulation, making it suitable for high-end summer parties or weddings. Its smooth texture ensures that it feels cool against the skin, adding a layer of comfort to its lush aesthetics.

Blends: The Best of Both Worlds


Blending natural fibres like cotton, linen, and hemp with each other or with a small percentage of synthetic fibres can optimize the benefits of each material. These blends enhance comfort by combining moisture-wicking properties with flexibility and durability, facilitating a refined look without sacrificing ease and practicality. These carefully crafted blends make "looking refined" effortlessly achievable, even in summer heat.

How to Incorporate Summer Fabrics for Men into Your Wardrobe


For formal events, a linen suit in a light neutral tone like beige or light blue can offer a refreshing alternative to heavier materials and darker colours. Pair it with a crisp, lightweight cotton dress shirt, and elevate the look with an Aklasu French Blue Grossa Grenadine Tie, perfect for maintaining a polished appearance. This combination not only keeps you cool but also ensures you look impeccably sharp.

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Opt for a seersucker blazer paired with cotton chinos for a business casual setting. This look balances comfort with professionalism, ideal for those summer business lunches or relaxed office days. Add Aklasu's "Intro" Navy and Steel Blue Block Striped Grenadine Tie for a touch of texture and depth, showcasing how looking polished can be effortlessly achieved with the right fabrics.


In casual scenarios, blend hemp or linen shirts with cotton shorts for an easy-going, breathable outfit suitable for weekend outings or a casual meetup. Here, the key is to choose light fabrics that maintain air circulation and moisture absorption, keeping you fresh throughout the day.

Explore Aklasu's collection of ties and socks, crafted to complement these summer fabrics and enhance any ensemble from your seasonal wardrobe.

Complement fine fabrics with refined essentials.