Pairing Patterned Ties to Unlock Your Next Level of Sophisticated Style

Pairing patterned ties can cause a chaotic mess if you don't know what you're doing. Create balance and find harmony with our guide to pairing patterns that make you look put together, not patched up.
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It can make your head spin. You're getting ready for work or a wedding, and see your suits, shirts and ties. Plaids, stripes, windowpanes, checks, herringbone, and houndstooth stare back at you. Pair the wrong patterns, and you can look like a hot mess. Don't undermine your timeless style. Follow our playbook for pairing patterned ties to look like the most polished man in the room.

We'll start by talking about how thoughtfully working with patterns refines your style, before getting into the keys to pairing patterned ties. Then, we'll polish off our discussion with patterned tie pairings that add excitement and visual interest to your wardrobe. Let's get to it!

What Happens When You Pair Patterns Like a Boss

Wearing patterns will go sideways without thoughtful execution. You'll look cluttered and overwhelmed. Get your pattern pairings right, and you'll radiate poise and polish. But that's not all you'll experience with meticulously crafted patterned tie pairings.

Add Interest and Personality

Patterns add visual interest to your outfits. Get out of the Monday-to-Friday routine and add patterns that reflect your personality. Express your personality through sophisticated outfits that feature visually arresting patterns. Follow our tips in the next section, and you'll stand out for the right reasons.

Enjoy a Dynamic Wardrobe

From florals to stripes to polka dots, the diversity of patterns at your disposal empowers endless styling possibilities. Solid colours form a terrific foundation for your wardrobe, but patterns can take your timeless and classic style to new heights.

Boost Your Confidence (and Mood)

Seeing yourself in the mirror and thinking, "Damn, I look good," is quite the confidence booster. Vibrant outfits with refined designs can evoke positive emotions and energize you for the day ahead.

Thoughtfully paired patterns produce confidence and self-assurance for a big client meeting or an evening celebration. But to achieve a timeless and refined look in patterns, you need to know a few things.

3 Keys to Pairing Patterned Ties

Patterns create chaos and disorganization that confuse and disorient the mind. Not just yours but the people you come in contact with. That's why it's crucial to follow a few guidelines for pairing patterned ties that create harmony and order.

Embrace Understated Patterns

Loud and busy patterns can overpower your natural features and overall timeless style. Always consider the size, colour, and scale of patterns in the elements you wear. Make pairing patterns effortless by embracing understated designs. With careful coordination, you achieve the intended results and reduce the risk of stumbling on a style pitfall.

Keep It Simple

Understated style and simplicity go hand-in-hand. Pairing patterns requires restraint and a discerning eye. Try not to do too much. Clashing patterns, such as combining too many bold designs without a unifying element, create visual chaos and distract from your overall outfit.

Know that there's beauty in simplicity. Confidence emanates from a curated look that's thoughtful and balanced.


Wearing patterns in an orderly manner is an exercise in balance. Bold patterns in a pocket square and a tie scream "overdone." However, understated patterns in both elements create a noticeable effect without being ostentatious.

Look at your outfit as a whole. Consider the interaction of the elements within your ensemble. It's crucial to your overall presentation. Now that you have the keys to pairing patterned ties, it's time to look at outfit inspiration that unlocks your timeless style.

Pairings that Take the Guesswork Out of Looking Polished in Patterned Ties

Patterns on an outfit create chaosif not applied appropriately. But we've talked enough theory. Now, let's see some pairings in action. Check out how balance, understated patterns and simplicity create dynamic outfits that radiate confidence.

Stylish and Sophisticated in Stripes

Pairing stripes with other stripes can be challenging. One false move, and you could end up looking like a striped pyjama squid. Subtle stripes and balance certainly help. But take a look at Colin (@afterthesuit) in the image above. He's paired stripes with different widths that go in different directions. It helps add visual appeal without disorienting with repetitive patterns.

Pairing a Foulard Tie

The Foulard is a small-scale pattern with repeating geometric shapes. They can be florals, diamonds, crosses, or even animals. While our stance is to avoid animal patterns, with the right balance you could pull it off. We suggest understated designs like the deep blue polka dot tie above. The subtle pattern melds beautifully with the light brown striped club collar shirt.

Working with Multiple Patterns

We prefer to steer closer to "less is more." However, if you're feeling playful and daring, you can experiment with wearing multiple patterns with your patterned tie. You increase the level of difficulty, but if you use understated patterns and balance, the outfit you create could be fireworks.

There's risk and reward when you're pairing patterned ties. The intricate details and nuance you add to your outfits show care, thought, and respect. Whether it's a subtle pattern on a tie or an accent colour using a pocket square, it's these details that elevate the modern gentleman's wardrobe.

Patterned ties that make looking polished effortless.