Wedding Ties: Add a Touch of Class to Your Wedding

A groom needs to look elegant and sophisticated on his wedding day. Nothing brings elegance more than exquisite neckwear. Incorporate great wedding ties with your theme.
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A tie adds a touch of sophistication. It’s stylish and eye-catching. A tie can bring your wedding outfit together. You should definitely consider wearing one on your wedding day.

But with so many variations on wedding themes, how do you find the right tie to wear?

Wear Your Wedding Ties Right

The key is in following a few principles that will help you achieve a balanced and timeless look no matter your wedding’s theme. It’s this balance that creates harmony between your overall outfit, your theme, and your personality.

One element you need to keep an eye on is your tie’s knot. Wear a strong and confident knot. For us, our preferred knot is the asymmetrical four-in-hand. Then make sure the tie ends at the centreline of your belt. Too long, or too short, and you’ll fail to achieve a balanced look for your outfit.

Another element you need to consider when you wear a tie to your wedding is proportion. The tie’s width should be proportionate to your jacket’s lapel. Don’t wear a skinny tie with wide lapels and vice versa. The imbalance can make you look like a reflection in a funhouse mirror, which will definitely distract from your overall look.

Now that we know some basics about looking good in a tie, let’s explore a few popular wedding themes and the kind of ties that you can integrate to achieve a level of class and sophistication that your wedding deserves.

Elevate Your Look for a Garden Party Wedding

An intimate and casual outdoor garden wedding doesn’t mean you can’t class it up with a tie. In fact, as the groom, it’s better to elevate your wedding suit with a tie to distinguish yourself from your guests and groomsmen.

A green grenadine tie may be too on the nose at a garden party, but find a fresh colour that complements your suit. That could be a sky blue grenadine tie or an olive green tie.

A Rustic Wedding with an Elegant Touch

If you’re considering a rural venue, like a farmhouse or ranch, then it sounds like you’re leaning towards a rustic and intimate vibe for your wedding. Signature cocktails served in mason jars, and string lights may adorn your reception. You’ll delight guests with stained wood and floral elements for that rustic down to earth simplicity.

But simplicity doesn’t mean you need to keep your attire simple and plain. Add a touch of elegance while keeping in theme with the wedding’s overall style.

Choose a tie that goes well with your wedding’s colour palette. Perhaps that means a solid forest green grenadine or a blue floral tie to add a subtle pattern to your outfit.

Achieve Vintage Style with a Timeless Wedding Ties

From the garden and the farmhouse, we head over to a reception hall or ballroom of a vintage themed wedding. “Vintage” can have different interpretations. It depends on where and when you draw your inspiration.

Whether it’s “Old Hollywood” glamour, 1920s style, or 60s chic, a classic batwing bow tie lends itself well to different interpretations of “vintage” style.

Bat Wing Wedding Tie

Keep it Sleek and Subtle for a Truly Modern Look

Like a “vintage” wedding, a “modern” wedding doesn’t have easily definable traits like a garden or rustic wedding. At its core, a modern themed wedding is expected to feature clean lines and minimal designs. It involves elements that put a modern twist on established norms.

A modern wedding theme requires a tie that matches its sleek design and contemporary style. A minimalistic and textured black grenadine tie would do the trick. A navy blue tonal striped tie could also add not just texture but an understated pattern to a groom’s outfit.

Every wedding is nuanced and transforms for each wedding party’s taste and personality. Balance and harmony bring a wedding outfit together. Just like all of the other little details, a tie has to fit with the whole. Loud or garish ties can overshadow the different elements that you put so much thought into.

When it comes to your wedding day outfit, put thought into your theme, and find inspiration in books, magazines, or movies.

And when in doubt, ask someone you trust.

You can also ask us. Aklasu creates custom ties for weddings. Contact us, and we can talk you through the colour and style that will put a smile on your partner's face. And don't miss our Complete Guide to Men's Wedding Suits so you feel confident and look like the leading man.