Your Summer Style Arsenal: Linen, Ties, and Pocket Squares

Elevate your summer style with our ultimate guide to mastering linen, ties, and pocket squares for effortless elegance. Discover the lightweight and breathable charm of linen fabrics, perfect for staying cool and stylish during the summer months.
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Summer can be the trickiest season for accessorizing. With the heat, most of us want to keep things minimalist. We wish to express our style, but we don’t want to be bogged down with excess. Worry not our sartorial friend. We're here to share strategies that will keep you looking sleek and smart during the hot summer months.

Stay Cool and Stylish with Linen Blazers

One way to beat the heat is to trade in your heavier materials for linen. Using the lightweight material means you can stay cool without abandoning your blazer for the summer.

Summer gives you an excellent opportunity to set yourself apart from the crowd. It's the time of the year when you can wear white or pastel blazers without coming across as ostentatious.

So, if you’re going for a light coloured linen blazer, how do you pull together your accessories? It depends on the event, of course. Work and play demand different expectations and offer different levels of flexibility.

The most obvious way to spruce up any linen blazer is a pocket square, especially if you want to add a dash of colour to your outfit.

Your New Secret Weapon: Pocket Squares

Pocket squares, maybe the most underutilized accessory in men’s fashion, can help make your favourite blazer fresh and new from one day to the next. Linen works exceptionally well with light colours so the right pocket square can add a splash of colour to your outfit.

With a traditional grey, black or dark blue blazer, patterns like stripes or polka dots can get lost. But matched with a pastel or white linen it has a chance to pop and command attention.

Take a Risk and Wear a Tie

What if you want to branch out and take some risks?

People usually choose linen for something a little lighter and more casual and decide to forego ties altogether. It's a tight line to balance. A tie that's too dark or too broad will inevitably be a bit trickier to pair with a dress shirt. However, it's not impossible.

One of the best ways around this problem is to focus on fabrics: matching linen with linen rarely goes well, unless you play around with the pattern. Pairing a linen blazer with a silk tie or a cotton shirt can work wonders.

Keeping with our light and bright theme, try the Blue Grenadine Tie with Smooth White Stripes - we love the colour blue for summer! If you’re more of an iconoclast, why not go bolder and go gold? Channel your inner Jay Gatsby and try our White Striped Metallic Gold Six-Fold Silk Tie.

No matter what your style, summer is not the time to hide it. Keep it light with linen, and don't be afraid to accent your outfits with fun patterns and bright colours.

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