Tie Pairings for Every Summer Wedding Occasion

Look polished without overdressing. Our tie pairing guide for summer weddings offers options for both formal and casual dress codes. Elevate your style by Aklasu ties.
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Summer weddings have a reputation as relaxed affairs where it's okay to dress down. But that's not often the case. The event's dress code dictates your attire for a summer wedding (or any occasion). You can encounter four possible dress codes for a summer wedding. It should be listed on the invitation. If it’s not, reach out to the wedding party for clarification. It's an important note that you can’t afford to miss.

You'll need clarity on the dress code before you can iron out your look and choose the perfect bowtie. Otherwise, you can stick out like a sore thumb looking terribly out of place and uncomfortable.

Black Tie, Formal, or Black Tie-Optional

The one dress code option with the least leeway is black tie. If the wedding calls for black tie, your bowtie should indeed be black.

Black bowties work best for a formal or black tie optional weddings as well. However, you can opt for a different colour like navy if you prefer. The key is to stay conservative.

Semi-Formal or Dressy Casual

Your options open up with semi-formal or dressy casual weddings. For day weddings, opt for lightly coloured ties like pastel or powder blues. Subtle tie patterns are also appropriate.

The Sky Blue or Dusty Blue Grenadine can help you look polished without looking overdressed.

If you want to go away from the solid tie look, check out our Red Floral and Blue Floral Grenadine ties. The understated floral pattern add some great contrast to your wedding look without overpowering it.

Evening Semi-Formal

Evening semi-formal weddings fall on the dressier side of semi-formal so go dark.Put on an immaculate charcoal suit and a sleek black grenadine tie to radiate timeless sophistication. You don’t have to choose a black tie, but dark colours like navy, charcoal, or even burgundy are more appropriate.

Stripes and polka dots still work, too. The Wide Purple Six-Fold Dotted Tie plays up some casual fun with the polka dots, while the deep purple offers a touch of elegance for the evening.

If you want to embrace the evening while foregoing the formalities, the Navy Blue Grenadine Tonal Stripe can give you a beautifully unique look. Its subtle stripes appear thanks to a change in the weave making it look more than your average navy blue tie.

There’s no doubt that a bow tie or a tie is an ultimate accessory for summer weddings. They elegantly dress you up for formal weddings, and they add fun flair to casual ones.

Just remember to carefully observe the dress code to make sure you find the perfect balance between the rules and your style.

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