Striped Ties that Trigger Jealous Stares with Timeless Style

Don't skip the tie just because it didn't come together like you thought it would. Get a hold of striped ties that make looking polished effortless. Whether you deliver a presentation or toast with friends, you deserve to look refined.
Image CreditAklasu Light Brown & French Blue Block Striped Grenadine Tie

Your outfit's not what you imagined. Now you think you should skip the tie and go open collar instead. Hang on. A tiger can't change its stripes, and you shouldn't have to. You want that striped tie to show your sophisticated style. You need the right striped ties that make timeless style effortless. Because when you have the right elements, your outfit locks into place. So, here are eight striped ties that make you the most polished man in the room.

(Make sure you read to the end for tips on how to wear stripes.)


Understatement. Quality. Versatility. These shared values made a collaboration between Aklasu and Vladimir Riché (@chace.ryder) a natural fit. The menswear enthusiast creates YouTube videos, so make sure you check out his killer content!

The "INTRO" Tie is Vladimir Riché's first official brand collaboration. The contrasting blue block stripes add a contemporary touch to a timeless and versatile tie.

Handmade in Como, Italy, you can make the INTRO Tie part of your rotation for years. Wear it with a navy blue suit and a light blue dress shirt for a monochromatic look that turns heads from the streets of New York to the plazas in Milan.

Block Out the Noise (Not the Polish)

Sticking with block-striped grenadine ties, take a gander at the Light Brown and French Blue Block Striped Grenadine Tie. The grenadine tie’s refined texture and understated colours create an elegant simplicity.

You'll love the striped tie's versatility as you move from closing a deal in the boardroom to celebrating with colleagues after work.

Not Your Average Navy Tie

A navy tie is a classic in every modern gentleman's wardrobe. But it doesn't hurt to change it up once in a while. That's where the Navy Blue Tonal Striped Grenadine Tie steps up to the plate.

It has the versatility of a navy tie, except for a key difference: the subtle tonal stripes. Artisans achieve eye-catching and beautiful patterns thanks to a change in the weave.

Wear it to raise the bar for style in the office. Or put it on for a special occasion to raise the temperature and become the most polished man in the room.

Subtle Stripes that Radiate Quiet Confidence

The best striped ties don't hit you over the head with their colours or pattern. They embrace what the Italians call "sprezzatura," an elegant nonchalance.

The lines of delicate dots on the Light Blue and White Striped Blue Grenadine Tie create an understated striped pattern that makes pairing it with your favourite suit and shirt effortless.

A One-of-a-Kind Striped Tie for a One-of-a-Kind Guy

There's nothing standard about Aklasu's Shantung Tie. From the classic colours to the contemporary block stripes, this tie will be part of your most stunning outfits.

Shantung ties have a unique appearance due to their material. Shantung silk is less processed and more raw than silk in most ties. The yarn randomly creates ridges within the fabric thanks to the silk type. The feature makes a one-of-a-kind piece that's a jewel in every modern gentleman's collection.

Discover everything you need to know about ties in our Modern Gentleman's Guide to Ties. From pairings to repair, your tie will always work for you, not against you.

Enjoy Having Mustard on Your Shirt

Wear a striped tie and turn a good suit great. The mustard yellow may not be subtle, but it's dynamite when combined with the elegance of navy blue and grey stripes.

Check out the playful and bold Navy Blue and Grey Striped Mustard Yellow Tie. Put it on for a day at the office, or add polish to your next casual event.

Striped Ties that Reach the Epitome of Luxury

Exquisite craftsmanship and the best raw materials form the foundation for our luxurious six-fold ties. Our six-fold construction balances understatement and opulence. Don one of these striped ties and expect the perfect drape, killer knots, jealous stares and keys to the corner office.

White Striped Deep Blue Six-Fold Tie

Add a touch of playfulness to your professional attire with thin white stripes sitting atop a deep blue. Every modern gentleman will appreciate the White-Striped Deep Blue Six-Fold Tie for its fresh, clean looks that generate envious eyes from senior management down to the junior staff.

White Striped Metallic Gold Tie

Look stylish and stand out by bringing the bling with the White Striped Metallic Gold Six-Fold Tie. Pair it with a cream linen suit for elegant summer parties, and heat up the festivities when you enter the room.

You may have an elegant striped tie, but now you need a few tips to put it together and achieve timeless and sophisticated style.

3 Essential Tips for Wearing Striped Ties

Patterns create chaos, and stripes are no exception. Create order and achieve balance when you wear striped ties by following these three tips:

Tip #1 - Lean on solid colours: Complement the striped tie with a solid shirt and suit. Keep it simple, clean and sophisticated.

Tip #2 - Use restraint: Stick to one, maybe two patterns on your outfit. A little goes a long way. One too many patterns can make you look like an optical illusion.

Tip #3 - Vary your stripes: If you decide to wear multiple striped elements, avoid dull repetition by wearing stripes that vary in size, direction and colour. Finally, ensure there's a difference in the distance between stripes.

Discover more ways to achieve timeless style in stripes. Read Striped Ties, Shirts and Suits: How to Wear Stripes with the Confidence of a Champ

That will do it! Now it's time to look sharp and make it effortless. Add a striped tie, and you'll never miss out on refined outfits.

Earn your stripes in refined essentials.