You’re Missing Out: What Happens When You Wear a Tie to Work Every Day?

Wearing a tie doesn’t just make you stand out in the office. Read about the benefits that will make you excited to put on a tie every day.

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It's not as common as it used to be. Wearing a tie was a must. Not anymore. People choose not to wear ties because they think it makes them look uptight or strict.

That just sounds like they're not wearing their tie correctly. That's unfortunate because those people miss out on all the benefits of wearing a tie. Because today, a tie makes you stand out.

Imagine an office of open collars and navy suits. Everyone looks similar, even interchangeable. Now imagine you walk into a room wearing a tie. You stand out, don't you? Actually, you don't just stand out.

Wearing a tie has compounding benefits. You look organized, sharp, and meticulous. People behave in different ways around others who project this kind of energy.

Let's talk about what happens when you wear a tie to work every day. Be warned: we could have you reaching for a tie when you finish reading.

No one will mistake you for someone else.

Don't you hate that? Someone walks up to you and calls you by another name. Don't expect that to happen anymore when you wear a tie to work every day. Standing out in your tie means your coworkers will recognize and remember you.

Show that you go the extra mile.

We're not gonna lie. Wearing a tie requires extra effort. But that extra effort you spend on expressing your personal style shines through in more ways than one.

It's one thing to say you go the extra mile. It's another to show it. You show that you go the extra mile when you wear a tie. That attention to detail and pride allows you to unlock even more benefits of wearing a tie.


People will start looking up to you.

Ties are associated with influential people in high positions. That perception hasn't gone away. Showing that you go that extra mile with your appearance (while being fantastic at your job) makes people see you at a higher level.

Before you become a supervisor, manager, or partner, others have to see you look the part of a supervisor, manager, or partner.


Others will look to you for input.

When you're recognized as the sharp and meticulous professional in the office, expect others to come looking for you. They'll remember you when they have a question or if they need an opinion. And everyone will notice when managers and juniors alike pick your brain.

Get more responsibility.

Memorable and influential people who are good at their work can expect to get more responsibility. Getting more responsibility signals that the higher-ups have confidence in you. You radiate that confidence when you wear a tie. That extra work pays off. Literally.


Get paid more.

The responsibility others entrust in you translates. It translates to more work. But it also translates to more dollars in your pocket. At least it should. And if it doesn't, you need to take your talent, influence, and impeccable style someplace else to get paid your worth.

We know a tie isn't magic. But you can't deny its effect on people when you back it up. Wearing the cape and cowl doesn't make Batman a hero. Wearing a tie doesn't make you good at your job. Instead, a tie magnifies your positive qualities and makes you stand out in an office of open collars.


Yes, your actions have to catch up with your appearance. But when that happens, nothing can stop you.

But to unlock all of these benefits, you have to wear your tie correctly. Read about Good Tie Etiquette and browse Aklasu’s collection of ties that make you look sharp in every room you enter.