8 Habits of a Stylish Man

Unlock the secrets to becoming a stylish man with these eight essential habits. From paying attention to grooming to mastering the art of layering, discover the key practices that will elevate your fashion game.
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Habits can make or break you. The wrong habits related to the way you dress drag you down. But the proper habits lift you up to the best version of yourself. So, which habits should you develop to master timeless, sophisticated style?

Keep reading and find out.

1. Face the world with sprezzatura

New to sprezzatura? The best way to think of it is quiet confidence. A man who embraces sprezzatura doesn't surrender to fads or wear distracting clothing to make an impression. Instead, he makes a forceful statement through understatement.

What does this look like in practice? We'll show you while we talk about the habits you should develop to master timeless style.

2. Buy high-quality clothes

To begin mastering timeless style, you need to get into the habit of buying high-quality clothes. This means paying attention to the tags, looking at the materials and making sure the cashmere sweater is indeed made of cashmere. It's not as easy as pulling something off the rack, and it does get pricey. But the clothes you buy will look sharper, last longer, and make mastering timeless style a lot easier.


3. Use neutral colours as the foundation for your wardrobe

High-quality clothes in neutral colours make it easy to mix, match and assemble sophisticated outfits.

Neutral colours like white, black, gray, navy, cream, and olive should make up much of your wardrobe. Foundational pieces in this palette create a masculine and versatile aesthetic that lasts for years.

4. Get to know a tailor or seamstress

Buying high-quality clothes in neutral colours is one thing. Making sure those clothes fit is another. Wearing high-quality garments that don't fit is like using a dull chef's knife. Just as you should sharpen your knife to get the most of it, you should alter your clothes to fit your build and make you look great.

5. Assemble outfits

High-quality clothes that fit form your foundation for facing your day with sprezzatura. They make putting together smashing outfits a lot easier. But the key is "outfits." A stylish person knows that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Keep bold colours and patterns in check and aim for low-key style. Of course, that's not to say you shouldn't use colour at all.

6. Add details to elevate outfits

Assembling a sophisticated outfit requires unique little details not everyone may notice but elevate your style nonetheless. Using colour as an accent or complementary detail adds excitement to an outfit.

That detail could be a piece of jewelry like a metal watch that matches the metal on your belt. Or a pocket square that creates contrast with your jacket.

A grenadine tie is a great way to add visual interest to an outfit. The intriguing weave brings a subtle texture that's eye-catching without overpowering your overall look.

Read about some ways to use grenadine ties to add detail to your outfits:

7. Ironing is part of the routine

Nothing undercuts timeless style more than wrinkled clothing. Ironing or steaming clothes before you wear them is a habit that every stylish gentleman must develop. A wrinkled dress shirt creates a sloppy and disheveled look that you need to avoid at all costs. Take five to ten minutes to get rid of the wrinkles. It's an extra step that you'll never regret.

8. Have a regular grooming routine

It's the details that differentiate one person's style from another. Developing habits that take care of the details build on your timeless style. And just as wrinkles undermine your timeless style, so can poor grooming.

Your overall presentation is made up of little details. Messy hair and an unruly beard are some of those details that you can't overlook. Have a standing appointment at the barber, trim the nose and ear hair, and regularly clean up that facial hair.


All of this sounds like a lot of work. And it is at first. But then you'll start to get compliments on the way you look. And begin to feel more confident. Then you'll start looking forward to assembling your outfits and facing the day.

You get into a rhythm, and you feel the satisfaction of looking sharp and feeling good. That's when the habits become automatic.

Then bang, you've mastered timeless style. And others will start asking you about the habits that can help them look as good as you.

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