Pairing A Green Tie

Green is a wonderful colour all year round and deserves additional wear during the Fall season. Now, it is a bold colour. We give it a 50% Versatility Score, therefore when trying to achieve a classic and timeless style, care must be taken not to let your green tie overshadow you. If your intent is for your tie to take centre stage then throw caution to the wind. Cheers. If not, read on.

Green Grenadine Tie

If you're going to wear a Green Tie, make it a Grenadine. Grenadine weave is the best-kept secret in neckwear. It will add beautiful visual interest to your necktie. New to Grenadine Ties? Learn more here.

What to do if you seek a classic, timeless look? Like all things, the best approach is always a simple one. For the sake of simplicity, I'll limit this piece to only shirt selection.

Let's first agree that Green in any shade is bold. The next step then is to mute it. Do this by contrasting the tie with pattern, colour or both.

Go Neutral

Neutral colours like white, grey, beige and blue can help tone down the colour of the tie. Again, if your goal is classic timelessness then opt for an understated knot - our signature Four-In-Hand will do just fine.

Neutral Colours For A Green Tie

Go Neutral and Add Patterns

Adding a pattern will help subdue the bold colour more. You do risk creating another problem, so some caution is required. Opt for a subtle pattern, like thin pinstripe, window pane, houndstooth, graph check etc. Don't forget your understated knot. This is most critical now since you've added a pattern.

Shirt Colour & Patterns for Green Tie Pairing

Visual Interest

If you're in the market for a green tie, go beyond just colour. Craftsmanship, material, country of origin, interlining, number of folds, etc. are all important. Add visual interest to your checklist.


Our Green Tie, pictured above is made with a Grenadine weave. It has an exquisite three-dimensional weave and is a classic mainstay for the tie connoisseur and grabatologist. Only two of today’s textile mills can produce grenadines, making it very rare to come by. A Green Grenadine tie will add a level of refined sophistication that no similarly coloured tie could achieve.