Buying A Burgundy Tie

Burgundy is one of our favourite shades at AKLASU: a burgundy tie will complement any darker suit, whether in hues of blue, grey, or charcoal. It might sit atop a white shirt or under a waistcoat, accessorise the harmonious texture of corduroy, or add sophisticated panache to chinos or sharp suit trousers. As the colour of excellent wine and finely aged leather, Burgundy is also the shade of subtle luxury. Colour and/or pattern is just one aspect for you to consider; another is fabric.

Grenadine's Visual Interest

We are solely invested in silk as it offers the most versatility. Even within silk, there is so much more to choose from. But the best-kept secret in neckwear has to be the Grenadine silk weave.

AKLASU Burgundy Tie - Grenadine Silk

Grenadine weaved ties are the sparkling wine of the accessory world: with their heavy-but-not-too-heavy weight, a grenadine will offer a smooth knot in a firm hold. A best of both worlds piece, the discreetly textured fabric is versatile like no other. If you’re looking for a tie to suit a range of different events or situations, the grenadine weave has you covered. The burgundy grenadine is one of our favourites, as the pairing suggestions for outfit colour and texture are endless. You can learn more about our Grenadine Collection here.

Wooden Grenadine Loom

Silk is not only a visual indicator of quality and distinction its tensile strength makes it the most durable natural fibre, meaning your tie will keep its shape and weave — whoever wants to pull on it. The three-dimensional weave is only produced by a handful of mills, making every tie a truly luxurious creation.

Burgundy Tie  - Grenadine Silk Aklasu

Although a necktie may look like a simple piece, the construction is surprisingly complex with many variants of quality and style. Interlining is one key component, as it gives appropriate weight and contributes to the fluidity of the external fabric. Cheaping out on a cotton or synthetic interlining will quickly leave the tie wrinkled and shrunken: it’s wool or nothing for the discerning gentleman.

The Inside Matters Too

Our Burgundy Ties feature a 100% wool interlining, so you don’t have to look down to know your tie is draping properly. Having a wardrobe stuffed full of accessories has only one effect — yet another choice to grapple with before you can get to the office in the morning. Choosing a grenadine weave silk tie in burgundy gives you more than just a single tie: it streamlines your style process, offering a stylish, quality option whatever the occasion.

If you’re looking for understated luxury in a finely-crafted tie, our Burgundy Tie made from Grenadine Silk is the way to go.