What your Tie Says About You

Unlock the hidden language of neckwear and discover what your tie says about you. Your choice of tie speaks volumes about your personality, style, and even your aspirations.
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Clothing is so much more than pieces of fabric we wear on our bodies for warmth and comfort. Clothing is also an extension of your being; and can be emblematic of your sensibilities and overall personality as well. While we admittedly might be a touch biased, we believe the necktie is no different in this regard.

From different styles of necktie to different materials and patterns, the sheer variety of neckties available means that your selection (and how you wear it) can speak volumes about you as an individual.

Be Meticulous About Materials

It's important to consider the materials your tie is made of. The overall appearance (including drape), style, and longevity of the necktie are greatly influenced by the materials it’s made from.

A quality necktie begins with quality natural materials. As such, we recommend avoiding neckties made from synthetic materials, as they will negatively impact the appearance of your tie and impart a somewhat cheap aesthetic overall. Conversely, silk ties have a wonderful natural lustre that gives it a refined appearance with the ideal amount of weight and drape and best of all, it's durable.

While these details may seem insignificant, in reality they are anything but. As the age-old adage goes, the devil is in the details, which is undoubtedly true when it comes to menswear and the impression you give off to others through your clothing.

Sensible Styling Matters

In today’s day and age, selecting a sensible style of necktie can mean the difference between looking polished, or looking like someone who tried but didn’t hit the mark. Fads come and go, but timeless styling remains aesthetically pleasing for decades to come. Being mindful of this fact is an important practice in all aspects of dressing well.

Our style philosophy is centred around creating an overall look that is greater than the sum of its parts, where attention is always drawn to the wearer's face.

An important aspect of this philosophy is undoubtedly colour and pattern.

How Colour & Pattern Comes into the Equation

A necktie should complement your outfit, not compete with it. We tend to dislike when neckties play games of tug-of-war with the rest of your outfit or draw too much attention to themselves. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the colour and patterns of your necktie, however. Take our Purple Grenadine Tie, for example. This is a bold colour that makes a statement. Someone who selects a purple necktie is someone who ponders the endless possibilities of their wardrobe. They sometimes colour outside the lines and look great doing it.

This isn’t to be confused with someone wearing an ostentatious, brightly coloured necktie or bold patterns. A person who wears an ostentatious necktie is most likely relying on flash. A reliance on flash ultimately takes away from everything else you’ve executed right. Remember your tie is an accessory – it should complement you and your outfit, it’s not the star of the show, you are.

Now, you don’t always have to make a subtle statement with your necktie. But when in doubt, stick with a classic timeless approach that will always work in your favour every time, like our Navy, Burgundy and Black Grenadine neckties.

Don’t Underestimate the Knot

One integral aspect of necktie styling is naturally the type of knot you choose to tie. Different knots have different characteristics and will help to complement or detract from the rest of your outfit. As such, your choice of knot will assuredly speak towards your taste and sensibilities. Ten times out of ten, we’ll tell you to use the four-in-hand knot – it’s the quintessential necktie knot for the modern gentleman. It is simple to knot, has an asymmetrical shape and works with just about every shirt collar. Its asymmetrical shape is an important distinction – it adds a touch of finesse to your overall look. We’ve seen men who’ve taken the time to get everything right with their suit (fit, proportions, colour and pattern) but ended up falling short because they went with a tie and knot that ruined everything they’d accomplished.

Looking sharp in a tie doesn’t require talent bestowed by the gods – it’s simple and anyone can achieve it. A bad tie and knot will ruin a perfectly executed suit. Instead, choose a quality tie with a complementary colour or subtle pattern, wear a four-in-hand knot and follow our 5 rules.