Understated Elegant Socks

Socks are essentials- they are not accessories. The purpose is to provide comfort and protection for your feet and shoes. As champions of understated style, we decry boldly coloured and decorative socks. All our socks are elegantly styled so that you can transition from your trousers to your shoes with minimal pomp. Your ankles should never garner more attention than your handsome face.

Meticulously Crafted Socks

Our dress socks are made in Italy. We utilize an industry-leading 240-needle machine to produce a luxurious product. Each pair is hand-finished to meet our high standards in durability and comfort - a task done best by an artisan's hands. A smooth and fine linked seam is hand-stitched for extra comfort around your toes. Italian artisan hands are also employed to reinforce the heels and toes for added durability.

Socks Made from The Finest

For all-day comfort and durability, our socks are made of Mako Egyptian Cotton that is mercerized. Mako cotton is renowned for its long fibres and softness. The mercerizing process treats the cotton to improve fibre strength, shrink-resistance, lustre and colour retention. Our cotton undergoes this process multiple times. The result is a soft and breathable sock that is comfortable and keeps your feet dry. Wear it all year round.