Mastering Event Attire: Deciding Which Tie to Wear for the Occasion

Choosing which tie to wear for your event shouldn't make you want to pull your hair out. Read the tips and see the tie pairings that will inspire the outfits for your most important events.
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Whether you aim to nail that job interview, stand out at your graduation, or add a touch of class to your first day at work, the tie you choose plays a starring role. Aklasu believes deciding which tie to wear isn't just about grabbing the first one you see in your closet; it's about crafting an impression that lasts beyond the first handshake. Here at Aklasu, we don’t just sell ties and socks; we offer keys to unlocking your next level of style.

Aklasu makes looking polished in ties effortless with ties that blend quality with character. Our ties ensure that every knot you tie looks good and feels right. After all, as Miuccia Prada said:

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

If fashion is instant language, you want to choose the right tie for the occasion to make a lasting impression. Here are ties you can wear to your most important events to look polished and master event attire.

Nail the Job Interview with the Perfect Tie

Navy Blue Grenadine Tie

Start strong with a tie that says professional yet memorable. Opt for Aklasu’s classic Navy Grenadine Tie—a nod to tradition with just enough flair to be remembered. It’s an ideal choice to convey confidence and respectability, helping you stand out as a prepared and thoughtful candidate.

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Graduate with Flying Colours (and Dynamite Style)

Gold and Red Striped Navy Blue Six-Fold Tie

Celebrate your milestone using something with panache from Aklasu's range. A dash of colour can add to the joy of the day, setting you apart from the sea of caps and gowns. This touch not only enhances your outfit but also serves as a statement of your individuality and the bright future ahead.

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A Wedding Tie that Radiates Confidence

Burnt Orange Grenadine Tie

Here's where subtlety is key. Choose elegant and understated ties from Aklasu to ensure you look good without upstaging the main event. Opting for muted colours and understated patterns can complement your suit beautifully, making you look sharp and well-coordinated for the occasion, whether you're part of the wedding party or a distinguished guest.

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Look the Part on Your First Day at Work

Navy Blue Tonal Grenadine Tie

Confidence is your best accessory on your first day of work. Aklasu’s professional yet stylish ties will have you looking the part from your very first meeting. Choosing such attire will help you project a sense of readiness and attentiveness, ensuring you make a great first impression.

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Leave the Right Impression at the Conference

Micro Patterned Six Fold Tie

Impress and express with Aklasu ties that are as smart as they are stylish. Subtle patterns in muted colours will enhance your credibility without screaming for attention.

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Which Tie to Wear to a Funeral

Charcoal Grenadine Tie

Respect and restraint are the orders of the day. Aklasu’s range includes tastefully sombre options that pay homage to the occasion's solemnity. Choosing a tie in darker shades like black or charcoal grey signifies the respect appropriate to the event.

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Knowing which tie to wear to the event is part of crafting an outfit that shows respect. The next part requires you to choose the tie that makes you the most polished man in the room.

The Art of Choosing the Best Tie: Match Your Event with Style

When pondering which tie to wear, consider the trinity of tie selection: refined designs, high-quality materials, and legendary craftsmanship. The colour should complement and contrast your outfit appropriately, setting the tone for the occasion. Patterns should express your personality without overshadowing the event's purpose.

Material, the subtle storyteller, speaks volumes about the season and setting—but there's a reason why grenadine silk is the best of the best. Its subtle sophistication, one-of-a-kind texture, and versatility make it a slam-dunk choice for any occasion.

Don't overlook craftsmanship when choosing which tie to wear. You don't want your tie unravelling at the wrong place and time. Choose ties made to look like they should for years to come. Keep your eye out for markers of quality like wool interlining and reinforced stitches so your tie looks as it should for your most important events.

Choosing the right tie is more than just matching—it’s about making a statement that sticks. Whether you're dressing for success, celebration, or solemnity, Aklasu has the perfect tie for every occasion. After all, it’s not just about which tie to wear—it’s about wearing your tie with purpose. For more style inspiration, check out Aklasu’s Instagram (@aklasu), where we showcase our ties in action, making every day a runway.

Refined essentials made for your big events.